Introduction to Design and Programming (CST2C) is a computer studies course focused on imparting the basics behind design and programming.

Students are expected to work through creating original designs and becoming familiar with basic programming environments. Each student is expected to complete 3+ projects through the year, including 2+ successful computer programs. Through the projects students learn specific technology skills. Each project also involves working on improving communication, presentation, reflection and collaboration skills.
The course uses Alice Programming, Lego NXT Robotics, Opensim Virtual World and various other environments to immerse learners into programming and design. There is also a significant focus on become more productive and adept at utilising technology in work and learning environments, thereby providing essential, practical skills for future paths.

Having completed this course, students may proceed to CTD3C/4C Digital Design, or CPG3C/4C Computer Programming.

This course is taught by Mr. Dodemont and was originally created by Mr Chiu.

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